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May 2020 archive of PrayerForce One Blog

May 2020 archive of PrayerForce One Blog

Pentecost Catholics

Posted by Deacon Peter Donnelly on 5/31/20

I had a Pentecost homily ready to go … and then two stories broke yesterday, so I threw it away. The first story was the successful launch of two American astronauts from US soil, something we hadn’t done in a decade. I was glued to my phone watching the ... Read More »


Posted by Deacon Peter Donnelly on 5/16/20

The French are famous for many things, including the number of different ways they have to say goodbye to someone. The most well-known is “Adieu!” It literally means, “until God.” Unlike many other farewells that speak to a time in the near future when we will see one another, ... Read More »

Ask the Deacon

Posted by Deacon Peter Donnelly on 5/11/20

Have a question about what happens at Mass? Struggling with a question about faith, or want to understand a Bible passage better? Need help explaining religion homework to your kids or grandkids? Now’s your chance to Ask the Deacon. Each week Deacon Peter will anonymously answer your questions on ... Read More »

Happy Mother's Day

Posted by Deacon Marc Leaderstorf on 5/09/20

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers, both living and deceased, we remember you in a special way today.  Every major tradition, culture, and nation rightly celebrates Mother's Day.  This day belongs to those women who nurture, protect, and love like only a mother can.  This year is especially chalenging ... Read More »

The Lord is my shepard

Posted by Kate Wypij on 5/06/20

Written by Debbie Brown - 

The Responsorial Psalm for this past Sunday was the Twenty-third Psalm and our response was:  “The Lord is my shepherd, there is nothing I shall want.” It is such a beautiful Psalm and gives us such comfort in difficult times and times are about ... Read More »


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