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St. John's Department of Faith Formation, 2021 Sandridge Road, Alden, NY 14004    
Phone: (716) 937-6959     Email: [email protected]
Catechatical Leader: Mrs. Jenny Golinski

Faith Formation Office hours:
Monday: 9:00-3:00

****Also available when classes are in session

Faith Formation News




      Confirmation classes are well underway. If you have a 10th grade or 11th grade Public High School or Catholic High (Catholic schools DO NOT prepare candidates for sacraments) School student who needs the sacrament of Confirmation and has not already signed up for the fall or spring classes please contact our office at 937-6959.



      Parent meetings will be held as follows- Please plan to attend one of these sessions if you have a child enrolled in our school or faith formation program in Grade 2 or older who has not made this sacrament.

November 17, 9:30 am in the school cafeteria

November 18, 6:30pm in the church



      Parent meetings will be held as follows- Please plan to attend one of these sessions if you have a child enrolled in our school or faith formation program in Grade 3 or older who has not made this sacrament.

December 8, 9:30am in the school faculty room

December 9, 6:30pm in the church



St. John's Parish believes Religious Education is a continuing journey of faith.  It is one that begins in the home and is reinforced by weekly classes.  We strive to teach the students the basic principles of the Catholic faith, giving meaning to the rituals and symbols of Catholicism and helping them grow in their prayer life. It is our desire to work in conjunction with their families. These classes need to be combined with their family’s daily commitment to practicing the faith (regular Mass attendance, commitment to God, service to others and good example).


Safe Environment Training

We can all be part of the solution--- together we can prevent child abuse.  All clergy, consecrated men and women and employees, are required to take Safe Environment Training.  In addition, all volunteers serving minors, working in food pantries or meal service, providing ministerial service in private homes or other facilities and/or administering service in an after school program must be trained. 

In the Diocese of Buffalo all volunteers over 18 years old must complete a safe environment training foundation class.  The current foundation training program is “Protecting God’s Children for Adults" which is a 3 hour program that provides steps that each one of us can take to prevent child sexual abuse. As a component of the training, all volunteers are required to complete a Volunteer Application and Code of Ethics. 

After taking the Safe Environment foundation course, a renewal training through monthly online training is required.  

Please visit virtus.org to learn more about the Diocese of Buffalo Safe Environment Training, to register for  a training class, or to complete online training.

The Diocese of Buffalo encourages anyone who has been a victim of sexual, physical or emotional abuse by any clergy, consecrated life, employee or volunteer of the Roman Catholic Church to contact the police.

Please continue to pray for the end of all abuse and a greater respect of the dignity of the human person.

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