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Parish Council

The St. John’s Parish Council consists of pastoral staff leaders, representatives from parish and school organizations, and selected parishioners (representing the entire parish community). It acts in an advisory capacity to the Pastor, thereby supporting him in his leadership of the parish. As such, it is a consultative body, convened by the Pastor, whose purpose is to articulate parish vision, communicate its mission, set goals and recommend a plan for the parish. In doing so, the Council serves as a forum for open dialogue on important questions and issues, working toward prayerful discernment of parish priorities and consensus building in its recommendations.

The Parish Council and Finance Council (which is responsible for providing sound fiscal advice) have complementary roles in assisting the Pastor in planning for parish vitality and serving the good of the whole parish as it seeks to fulfill the mission and ministry of Christ entrusted to its care.

St. John's Parish Council meets in the school faculty room every 3rd Thursday of the month and are open to all.

For more information or if you are interested in seeking a position on the council, please contact our President, David Sentz at 937-6959.

St. John's Parish Council Members:


President: David Sentz

Vice President: Mike Cole

Secretary: Lindsay Vanvolkinburg

Elected Members: Marlene Bartram, Rocky Kotas, Jennifer Leroy, Pat Mahaney

Other members:

Brandon Adkins

Deborah Brown

Everett Boone

Jonna Johnson

Mark Kryczak

Delphine Leaderstorf

Deacon Marc Leaderstorf

Roger Martin

Sister Ellen McCarthy

Richard Smith

Charles Sutter

Margaret Tremblay