Happy Mother's Day

May 9, 2020

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers, both living and deceased, we remember you in a special way today.  Every major tradition, culture, and nation rightly celebrates Mother's Day.  This day belongs to those women who nurture, protect, and love like only a mother can.  This year is especially chalenging a many mothers are juggling so many different and new added roles, perhaps working from home, homeschooling their children - in general, keeping the household running as best they can, as only they can, during these "interesting" times.

Mothers are practical people - at their best to smooth things over, resolve problems and issues that seem insurmountable.  Mothers are the soul and inspiration of the family, the ones who hold it all together.  A mother's love is unconditional and ever present.  There  is no one like the mother of a family, no substitute for her, she is the first and primary educator of the family.  Unfortunately we sometimes take our mothers for granted, we are sorry for those times we do, but today we honor and thank you for all you do, too many things to list! 

As motherhood is God's miraculous gift from which human life comes, I would like to conclude with the blessing for mothers from the Rite of Baptism:

          "God the Father, through His Son, the Virgin Mary's child, has brought joy to all Christian mothers, as they see the                    hope of eternal life shine on their children.  May He bless the mother of this child (these children).  She now thanks                  God for the gift of her children.  May she be one with them in thanking Him for ever in heaven, in Christ Jesus our                     Lord."  Amen.

May you have a wonderful day and may many blessings be upon you forever, thank you for all you do for us!  

Deacon Marc




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