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2020 archive of PrayerForce One Blog

2020 archive of PrayerForce One Blog

Using our Talents

Posted by Deacon Peter Donnelly on 11/15/20

33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Today’s gospel seems relatively straight-forward, but there are a couple of odd details worth talking about that will help us get to the meaning and purpose of the story Jesus tells. 

The first thing that’s often difficult for us to understand is the idea ... Read More »

Choose Love

Posted by Deacon Peter Donnelly on 10/12/20

We’re faced with an interesting situation this weekend. Usually, it’s the Old Testament 1st reading that’s all fire and brimstone, and then Jesus gives us a parable that presents a new perspective that we can sink our teeth into. Well, today we’ve got the reverse happening.

This particular gospel ... Read More »

Respect Life

Posted by Deacon Marc Leaderstorf on 10/05/20

This weekend we mark Respect Life weekend, and all month, Respect Life month.  We call to attention in a special way to the dignity and gift of life.  We defend life from conception to natural death; we defend the weakest and the most vulnerable among us - the unborn, ... Read More »

Am I Worthy?

Posted by Deacon Peter Donnelly on 9/22/20

This past weekend (25th Sunday in Ordinary Time) we heard Matthew's parable of the laborers in the vineyard. It’s great that we hear these readings at this time of the year because it’s harvest time in our own lives. We get share from a local farm, so between that ... Read More »


Posted by Deacon Marc Leaderstorf on 9/18/20

The readings of the 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time are about forgiveness.  Forgiveness is at the heart of Jesus' message throughout the Gospels.  Forgiveness is essential to our relationship with God and to each other.  Our relationships are not sustainable without forgiveness - as married couples, brothers and sisters, ... Read More »

"I" is a four-letter word

Posted by Deacon Peter Donnelly on 7/07/20

Homily - 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time (July 5, 2020)

I begin with a question. What is the most used pronoun in the English language? Yeah, by far, the pronoun we use most is the word “I”. I suppose that this makes sense. When we are babies, we’re dropped ... Read More »

Trinity Today

Posted by Deacon Marc Leaderstorf on 6/06/20

I've struggled with writing today about what should be a joyous celebration of the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity and what that has to do with the current world situations.  I can't help but be troubled and yet thankful at the same time as I consider the love ... Read More »

Pentecost Catholics

Posted by Deacon Peter Donnelly on 5/31/20

I had a Pentecost homily ready to go … and then two stories broke yesterday, so I threw it away. The first story was the successful launch of two American astronauts from US soil, something we hadn’t done in a decade. I was glued to my phone watching the ... Read More »


Posted by Deacon Peter Donnelly on 5/16/20

The French are famous for many things, including the number of different ways they have to say goodbye to someone. The most well-known is “Adieu!” It literally means, “until God.” Unlike many other farewells that speak to a time in the near future when we will see one another, ... Read More »

Ask the Deacon

Posted by Deacon Peter Donnelly on 5/11/20

Have a question about what happens at Mass? Struggling with a question about faith, or want to understand a Bible passage better? Need help explaining religion homework to your kids or grandkids? Now’s your chance to Ask the Deacon. Each week Deacon Peter will anonymously answer your questions on ... Read More »


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