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A word of encouragement from Debbie Brown

Posted by Deborah Brown on 3/24/20

Warm thoughts and greetings to all our parish community. What a difficult time to be living in! Please know how much I am praying for you and your loved ones. The most important thing right now is to stay home and keep safe. The news is scary so do ... Read More »

Deb's Delights & Babcia's Kitchen Fundraiser - March 29th

Posted by Deacon Peter Donnelly on 3/22/20

Looking for a way to support the parish and get some great food at the same time?

Deb's Delights and Babcia’s Kitchen are sponsoring a drive-through Pierogi pick-up on March 29th from 10am to noon in our church parking lot. 20% of all orders is given back to St. ... Read More »

Important Information on Parish Response to COVID-19

Posted by Deacon Peter Donnelly on 3/22/20

As a parish, we find ourselves yet again in unprecedented and uncharted waters. This is not the first time and probably not the last time St. Johns is challenged. But I am supremely confident that the Holy Spirit is with us and will get us through yet again. That ... Read More »

2020 Mass Intentions

Posted by Deacon Peter Donnelly on 3/22/20

We will not be taking Mass Requests of public Masses at this time. Fr. Jim Walter is graciously offering Masses for those with scheduled intentions at this time, but they will not be open to the public. If your Mass ends up cancelled and you would like to reschedule, ... Read More »

Spiritual Support in Difficult Times

Posted by Deacon Peter Donnelly on 3/22/20

So many things are changing so quickly that it can feel like our feet are being pulled out from under us. The clergy and staff are committed to providing resources and spiritual support even when we can't be together in person. Check back on this blog for regular updates.  ... Read More »