Mass Times

   Saturday Vigil Mass - 4:00 pm
   Sunday Masses - 8:00 am, 9:30 am & 11:00 am
   Weekdays (Monday - Friday) - 8:30 am

First Friday
Eucharistic Adoration - 9 am to 7 pm

Saturdays from 3:15 to 3:45 pm and by request

Office hours:
  Monday through Friday, 9 am to 4 pm
     (716) 937-6959


St. John the Baptist family of parishioners is a faith-filled Catholic Christian community which believes in the Lord Jesus Christ, in His Church and its teachings, under the direction of our spiritual leaders. We watch and pray as we follow His call to love, life, fellowship and holiness.

"When our Lady received word that the tomb was found empty, her heart was filled with the joy of faith: Christian faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ."

                            --Pope Francis, Reflection on Mary, St. Peter's Square, October 12, 2013

Upcoming Events

        Friday, July 20 - Sunday, July 22  

       Join family and friends for great food and good times. We are looking for volunteers now!
 We will be featuring a Grocery Booth  again this year.  In order to make this booth a success, we are asking parishioners to donate non-perishable grocery items.  A box marked "Lawn Fete Grocery Booth" will be available in the back of the church to receive these donated items. Please see posted list in Church Bulletin Board or insert from the Bulletin for a list of items we are collecting.Lawn Fete Raffle Tickets
          This weekend, June 30 & July 1, lawn fete Raffle Tickets and Cow Plop Squares will be sold outside of the church after all of the Masses. Raffle tickets may also be turned in then.     
        Pie Count
           Our Chicken and Rib BBQ at the lawn fete will need 90 pies for dessert! Anyone who would be willing to bake to help us reach this goal, please call Helen at 716-937-7734. (Please note, we are unable to serve cream pies due to Health Department regulations.) If you are unable to bake, envelopes for monetary donations can be found at each entrance of the church and will be gratefully accepted. Thank you in advance for your help.
        Lawn Fete Theme Tray Auction
           We are once again requesting donations for the ever-popular theme tray event at our annual lawn fete (July 20, 21, & 22). Anyone able to donate a finished basket or a new item, please call Shirley (716-937-6191) or Kim (716-446-3381). Our goal is 100 baskets with at least a $25 value. No liquor please. New this year will be a silent auction of collectibles. Cleaning out or downsizing? We can use any of your treasured collectibles for this auction. Thanks again for your generous support of this parish activity.

  St. John's School Registration
           St. John's School has begun registration for the 2018-19 school year in all grades from preschool to 8th.  See School tab for more information or call the office at 937-9483.

 Faith, Fellowship & Fun
 Fellowship Group for Individuals and couples in their 20s, 30s, and 40s alternating Thursdays from 6-8 pm at St. John's Rectory - May 10, 24, June 7, 21, July 5, 19.  Please join us this spring and summer for friendship and prayer, including spiritual readings and reflection, encouraging each other towards personal goals and lighthearted games! Come as you are able. Contact person:  BYOB = Bring Your Own Bible!  We'll take turns providing or contributing to snacks and beverages.

St. John's Vacation Bible School 
         Monday, July 27- Friday, Aug 3   for Pre K-3 through 6th grade.
             See Youth tab/Vacation Bible School for more information.

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Holy Water fonts

New Holy Water fonts have been installed in our Parish offices and in all the classrooms at St. John the Baptist School!


Every Catholic home should have in it a supply of Holy Water.  There is Holy Water available in the back of the church for parishioners for use in the home.  If you would like to order a Holy Water font for your own home, please contact Pam Turton by email or phone (716) 937-9577.

Liturgical Corner by Debbie Brown, Pastoral Administrator

      The Liturgical Calendar tells us that today is the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time. But, the Sanctoral Calendar tells us that it is June 24 which is the feast of the Nativity of John the Baptist. It is for our parish extra important because it is our patronal feast as well. In Ordinary Time, a feast from the Sanctoral Calendar takes precedence over the Liturgical Calendar on Sundays. But what is the Sanctoral Calendar? On this calendar are the feasts of saints as well as feasts that commemorate God’s saving acts: Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, Corpus Christi, the Annunciation, and so forth. To us these seem to be mere commemorations of events in the distant past; but the feasts of the Lord and His saints have value in our lives.

       In ancient times, people measured the works of God and the passage of time by the natural world around them: the sun, the moon, and the stars in their courses. As civilizations formed, the celebration of the acts of God expanded as well. For the Hebrews, the feasts of the Lord such as Passover and the Sabbath itself were integral to their sense of God’s action in their lives. This pattern continued into Christendom, when Sundays were cherished and feast days framed the year: Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter, Pentecost, and the great feasts of the saints – Peter and Paul, John the Baptist, Joseph, Mother Mary, and many local saints.

       Over time, however, secularization occurred. Holy Days became “holidays” and the events and people of the Christian faith have fallen into the background. This feast, the Nativity of John the Baptist, is a big feast in Europe. They light bonfires and celebrate “Midsummer’s Night Eve” – the longest day of the year. Sadly, the thought of John may hardly come to any of their minds! When the Nativity of Christ is celebrated, it is the shortest day of the year. Jesus was the light coming into the world; John is the one who points out the light. The bulletin today has an insert which celebrates all that our patron is and means to the Church. Be sure to take time to read it.

       Finally, I want to take a moment to talk about how much the discipleship of John means to me. St. John has much to teach us about how to follow Jesus. He was humble, not worthy to even tie Jesus’ sandals much less baptize him. But, God’s plan was magnificent and John gave his life for the Lord he served. Planning has begun for the new fiscal/school/faith formation year which begins September 1, 2018. We are working on the budget now, but as we begin, I want you to know that things here will not be status quo. We honor all of those whose faith heritage gave us this wonderful parish and school. But, their hopes and dreams for us were that we would take their hard work and financial support and make more of it. We are evolving and growing as individuals and as members of this faith community. Watch the bulletin as the summer goes along for new initiatives, and pray for the continued growth and evolution of St. John’s!




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