Deb's Delights & Babcia's Kitchen Fundraiser - March 29th

Mar 22, 2020

Looking for a way to support the parish and get some great food at the same time?

Deb's Delights and Babcia’s Kitchen are sponsoring a drive-through Pierogi pick-up on March 29th from 10am to noon in our church parking lot. 20% of all orders is given back to St. John's.

  • Orders must be placed ahead of time. Call (716) 436-3894 to place your order

Pierogi’s are $9/ 6 pack or $16/ dozen

Flavors include: Cheese, Potato, Kraut; Mushroom, Potato &
Farmers Cheese, Buffalo Wing, Ruben, Stuffed Banana Pepper,
Sausage & Asiago, Apple, Beef on Weck, Pizzarogi, and

Jalapeno Popper.

Other Menu Options Available for Pickup:
Fresh Barrel Sauerkraut, Classic Czarnina, Polish Mushroom
Soup, Lazy Pirogi, Kapusta, Potato Pancakes, Golumbki, BBQ
Hamburgers, Babcia’s Caramelized Onions, and Babcia’s

Famous Sauces.

Babcia's Pirogi and Deb's Delights Fundraiser Details

Babcia's Deli Menu

Babcia's non-Pirogi Menu

Deb's Delights Product List

*Complete menu is available on their website and we hope to see you drive thru!



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