Craft & Vendor Show & Festival

Craft/Vendor Show 2019

      I would like to take the time to thank everyone who came out to enjoy the festivities. It was a fun event that we would like to do again next year. It took a small army to pull off, but every helping hand was more than greatly appreciated. I cannot thank everyone enough who donated a basket for the raffle. Parishioners and non parishioners alike pitched in and submitted some of the most beautiful baskets.

       To everyone who donated their time, Shirley Kocher, Pat Current, Nancy Weisbeck, Marie Strauss, Darlene Dahl, Jane Mahaney, Mary O’Grady, Cindy Schlaback, Diane Frys, Sue Weary, Brandon Adkins, Chester, Cheyla & Chelsea Athandage, Jeri & Miranda Volk, & company, Matthew & Emily Robertson, Grant & Wyatt Riddoch, and the Wypij family, thank you all for being there and being a part of what turned out to be an amazing time if nothing else. Without all of your help during the event, it would not have been nearly as successful.

      A special thanks goes out to Deacon Marc, Deacon Peter, and Principle Johnson for being judges in the Chili Cook-Off and to Debbie Brown for judging the Pumpkin Carving Contest.

      Finally, thank you to Kathy Earsing, Kate Wypij, and Anna Marie McCormick for helping to plan, set up, take down, and see that this event even happened.